Laurie Sloane  Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I have always been interested in what makes us who we are.

How much is nature or nurture, what are we born with and how does the environment shape us.


Psychotherapy provides a safe space for people to make meaning about their lives, the choices they make in school, work and love.


The analytic relationship is a partnership where we explore the internal emotional life and address problems in daily life with family, friends at work or school.

Child & Family 


A letter from Laurie


Can you envision a change for the future?

Freedom from a behavior, past experience or negative self-doubt that seems to prevent you from taking that next step forward?


At one time or another, we all experience loss and despair.

Some may feel like a slight dip while others may seem like a tidal wave over takes our lives.

When we are under this kind of stress our relationships and attitudes towards ourselves and others worsens.

Perhaps you have begun to drink more or use drugs to cope, or turn to food, either binging and purging or overeating.

It just seems like it is too much to handle alone.


Support begins here.


Psychotherapy can be an invaluable tool towards regaining a sense of control over your life.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy allows you to begin to focus on yourself.

This process will allow you to see the connections between your past and present experiences, while feeling empowered to work toward your future goals. It is possible to use this awareness gained from psychotherapy to have more gratifying personal relationships and more effective work relationships.

Specialty Areas

Loss and Complicated Grief
Midlife and Beyond
College and post-college adjustment
Interpersonal Relationships
Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Eating Disorders
Bipolar Disorder