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Individuals may seek treatment for a variety of reasons including work conflicts, relationship concerns, trauma and loss, depression, mood disorders and eating disorders.

Sometimes the loss of a loved one or a break up can trigger the need to talk to a professional. 

Sometimes a trauma is reawakened and the time has come to address it. 

You can make the choice to receive private counseling.


Marital therapy often takes place during an emotional impasse, when couples hit a wall but want to find a way back. Sessions will be tailored to each couple’s needs; sometimes including both partners, and sometimes one on one to address individual concerns.



Family & Child

Much more is understood about the neuropsychological development of children and how relational patterns within the family impact them.

Early intervention with children and active family involvement can lead to positive emotional shifts and more effective communication.



Learning about the challenges and difficulties others face within a peer group can foster understanding and empathy amongst patients and help them to gain perspective.

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